The Importance of Beauty

Who could forget the images of a magnificent stone house, a garden stone wall surrounded by flowers, a natural cascading stone waterfall flowing into a pond, or a charming stone bridge? Build with stone, and you create an image of beauty to be admired and remembered.

The Importance of Quality

If you want to build to last, then build with stone. You will create a structure that will stand the test of time. Since 1995, Bell Stone Company has provided a superior quality natural sandstone used for building and landscaping projects. Masons love our stone for its quality and ideal handling characteristics. Many say it is the best stone they've worked with - it has smooth surfaces, splits well, and is naturally geometrical. It is durable, available in various sizes, including boulders, and has nice red, brown and gray color tones.

The enduring quality and beauty of our stone is evidenced in each of our projects. It is an ideal choice for your stone project, large or small. Our stone has been used for building and landscaping in residential, commercial, and civic projects including house and building facades as a top quality veneer; driveway and community entrances; garden walls and steps; fireplaces, piers, spillways, bridges, barns, and historic renovations. It can be delivered in bulk or palletized.

Please contact us if you would like to obtain more information, receive a stone sample, place an order, or determine if there is a stone dealer in your area representing our stone. We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your consideration. You will love our stone!

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